This Week's Summaries

George v. Professional Disbosables International, Inc.

Finding That Supervisor's Remarks Gave Rise To Inference of Discrimination Not Reconsidered

Spencer Stuart Human Resources Consultancy (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. v. American Industrial Acquisition Corp.

China-Based Firm's Contract Breach Action Dismissed on Forum non Conveniens Grounds

Acosta v. Manna 2nd Avenue LLC

Pizzeria Workers Were Deliberately Denied Overtime by Work Assignments' Manipulation

Verkhoglyad v. Benimovich

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claim Viable, Based on Operating Agreement Between Parties

Laundry v. Oceanside Institutional Industries, Inc.

Union Funds' Trustees Entitled to Judgment On Delinquent Contributions, 'Audit Deficiency'

Liu v. VMC East Coast LLC

Attorney Not Disqualified; Prospective Client Did Not Reveal Information Harmful to Suit

Macias v. Sabillon

Marriage Not Annulled for Fraud; Spouse Knowingly Married to Help Avoid Deportation

The People v. Chalupa

Statement of Readiness for Trial Not Illusory Where People Could Secure Witness

The People v. Bangoura

Trial Counsel Not Ineffective For Advising Asylee of Possible Deportation from Plea

Primer Construction Corp. v. Empire City Subway Com., Ltd.

Complaint Not Dismissed Where It Pled Facts For Inference of Fraudulent Statements

The People v. Morales

Writ of Error Coram Nobis for Ineffective Counsel Denied for Failure to Take up Appeal

Rabice v. Board of Managers of Green Mansions Country Club Estates

Condo Owners Granted Motion to Compel Board to Repair Unit Damaged by Burst Pipe

USA v. Toyota Motor Corp.

Nolle Prosequi Granted for Toyota's Compliance With March 2014 Deferred Prosecution Pact

Jane Doe, Plaintiff v. HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahd Alsaud, Saudi Oger Ltd, and Mustapha Ouanes

$2.25 Million Award in Civil Action Against Convicted Rapist Explained

Hewat v. Jim Duffy LLC

Landlord's Violation of GOL §7-103 Entitles Tenant to Return of Unused Rent, Deposit

Medina v. Romanofsky

Defendant Strictly Liable for Statutory, Common Law Nuisance; Claimant Awarded Judgment

D.S.C. v. P.C.

Husband's Default Triggered Wife's Contractual Claim Under Agreement to Attorney Fees

Adlife Marketing & Communications Co., Inc. v. Best Yet Market, Inc.

Infringement Suit Dismissed; 'Registered', 'Application' Images Not Differentiated

Kheel v. Molinari

Fact Issues Presented on Adverse Possession Motion Barring Summary Judgment

Jacino v. Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Only Lanham Act, Individual Infringement Claims Proceed as to Windshield Repair Kits

The People v. Damon

Prosecutors Ordered to Make Good Faith Effort to Fulfill CPL §240.20 Obligations

Martinez v. AKN Fabrics Inc.

FLSA Overtime Pay Suit's Settlement Approved As 'Fair', 'Reasonable'; 'Wolinsky' Factors Met

USA v. Saracino

Mafia Figure Denied §2255 Habeas Relief; Counsel Ineffectiveness Claim 'Opaque'

Cicel (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. v. Misonix, Inc.

Unfair Competition, Tortious Interference Claims Duplicate Device Distributor's Breach Claims

Cupersmith v. Piaker & Lyons P.C.

Final Judgment Entered on Dismissed Claims In Action Over Ponzi Scheme's Concealment

Gentile v. Gentile

Imputed Disqualification Doctrine Disqualifies Plaintiff's Law Firm in Matrimonial Action

The People v. Campos

Defendant May be Entitled to Plea Vacatur; Hearing Ordered to Determine if Trial Desired

Nicaj v. The City of N.Y.

New Trial on Rights Claims Denied; Strip Search, Malicious Prosecution Claims Not Established

Estate of Rojas

Reargument Denied as Movant Fails to Show Why Documents Not Previously Proffered

USA v. Bergstein

Production Subpoena Not Quashed; Informant's Recordings Not Former Lawyer's Work Product

Matter of Butler

Distributee's Objection Denied, Fees Counsel To PA Requested Reasonable, Within Guidelines

Estate of Myers

Petitioner's Motion to Renew Prior Order Denying Commissions, Revoking Letters Denied

The People v. Robinson

Plea Terms Inherently Rational, a Factor In Deciding Plea's Validity; Conviction Affirmed

The People v. Colon

Sexual Abuse Conviction Affirmed as Verdict Supported by Legally Sufficient Evidence

The People v. Rivera

Disputed Adjournment Excludable as Delay Attributed to Defendant; Dismissal Denied

Matter of Lisa A

ACS Fails to Prove Injuries to Child Would Not Have Occurred But for Respondents' Actions

Miller v. Annucci

Only Inmate's Injunction Claim Against Warden Survives; Damages Claim Barred Under 'Heck'

The People v. Carrenard

Prosecutors' Statement of Readiness Illusory, Invalid; CPL §30.30 Dismissal Motion Granted

Olano v. Designs By RJR, Ltd.

Overtime Dispute's Settlement Not Redacted; Cannot Be Found To Be 'Fair and Reasonable'

P.B. v. E.B.

Court Cannot Order Father to Make Double Shelter Payments; Mother to Pay Home's Costs

The People v. 62 Gilbert Street, LLC

Information Allegations Found to Be Hearsay, Jurisdictionally Defective; Conviction Reversed

Price v. L'Oréal USA, Inc.

Class Action's False Representation Claims Over Hair Products' Sale Survive Dismissal

Kirschner v. CIHLP LLC

Breach, Tortious Interference Claims Dismissed; Corporate Veil's Pierce Insufficiently Justified

Moukengeschaie v. Eltman, Eltman & Cooper, P.C.

FDCPA Class Action May Be Amended to Add Actual Damages Claim on Sub-Class's Behalf

5670 58 Str. Holding Corp. v. ASAP Towing Services, Inc.

Leave to Intervene Properly Denied as Proposed Intervenor Failed to Make Timely Motion

66 W. 69th St. LLC v. Norton

Landlord Awarded Judgment of Possession Against Deceased-Tenant's Alleged Paramour

Manhattan By Sail, Inc. v. Tagle

Res Ipsa Loquitor Applies to Boat Passenger's Injury After Seaman Lost Control of Halyard

Sackin v. Transperfect Global, Inc.

Article III Standing Shown for Suit Arising From 'Hacked' Personal Identifying Data

Rech v. County of Monroe

Noncompliance With 28 USC §1446 Procedures Does Not Require §1983 Rights Suit's Remand

ABA Refinery Corp. v. Republic Metals Refining Corp.

Statute of Frauds Bars Counterclaims in Suit For Failure to Settle Price for Gold Deliveries

Chamba v. The City of N.Y.

Leave to Amend Answer to Assert Collateral Estoppel Defense Denied as Inapplicable

Coleman v. County of Suffolk

Defendants Granted Renewal, Dismissal Of Action; Plaintiff Fails to Show Special Duty

1035 Washington Realty LLC. v. Weston

Sister-in-Law Entitled to Succeed to Premises As Non-Traditional Family Member

Maersk Line Ltd. v. National Air Cargo Group, Inc.

Arbitral Award Upheld Except for Calculation Of Post-Judgment Interest Under CPLR §5004

Vannostrand v. N.Y. Central Mutual Fire Ins. Co.

Issues of Fact Exist if Insurer Acted in Gross Disregard or Best Interests of Its Insured

418 West 130 Street, LLC v. Baez

Landlord Cannot Proceed Against Subtenant Alone in Summary Holdover Proceeding

S.B.H. Realty v. Santana

Tenant Awarded Attorney Fees Against Landlord Under RPL §234 as Prevailing Party

FameFlynet, Inc. v. The Shoshanna Collection, LLC

Copyrighted Photographs Were Infringed But Owner Awarded Only $750, Legal Fees

The Bank of New York Mellon v. Kantrow

Plaintiff's Action Timely as Prior Action Discontinued, Serving as Revocation

Rivas v. Conty

Tenant Found to Be Rent Stabilized; 30-Day Holdover Proceeding Cannot Stand, Dismissed

Birch Leasing LP. v. Lee

Landlord's Defective Rent Demand Grants Tenant Dismissal of Nonpayment Proceeding

Coke-Holmes v. Holsey Holdings, LLC

Ex-Owner Either Ratified Conveyance, or Estopped From Contesting Transfer

Dunne v. E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Co.

Du Pont Denied FLSA Wage Action's Transfer To Eastern District of Texas as Premature

USA v. Curanovic

Defendant's Trial Denied Severance; Joinder Was Proper Under Rule 8(b)

Power UP Lending Group, Ltd. v. Murphy

Fraudulent Inducement, Tortious Interference Claims Survive; FRCP 9(b) Pleading Satisfied

Sankara v. Department of Correction Officer Captain Plaskett

Strip, Rectal Search Furthered Penological Goals Did Not Violate Rikers Island Inmate's Rights

Next Communications, Inc. v. Viber Media, Inc.

Alleged Trade Secrets Insufficiently Specified; Information Not Shown To Have Been Secret

Canady v. Correct Care Solutions

Dentist, Care Provider Did Not Ignore Inmate's Dental Needs in Violation of 42 USC §1983

Canon U.S.A., Inc. v. F & E Trading LLC

Infringement, Unfair Competition Claims Against Sellers of 'Gray Market' Cameras Stand

Kirkendall v. Halliburton, Inc.

Workers' Claims of Improper Denial Of Early Retirement Benefits Rejected

Town of Queensbury v. Coughtry

Town Granted Injunctive Relief Restraining Defendants From Continuing Construction

Art and Cook, Inc. v. Haber

Customer Contacts Known; Reasonable Measures To Keep Information Secret Not Demonstrated

Matter of Marriott

Son Fails to Prove Father Not Qualified To Act as Fiduciary of Mother's Estate

The People v. Montoya

Judgment of Conviction for Sexual Abuse Not Against Weight of Evidence, Affirmed

Matter of Amelia G.

No Good Cause Shown to Warrant Sealing Record in Guardianship Proceeding

Brophy v. Town of Olive Planning Board

Motion for Preliminary Injunction Barring Additional Wedding Events at B&B Denied

Shirazi v. N.Y. Univ.

Disability Discrimination Claims Untimely; Religion-Based Discrimination Denied Dismissal