This Week's Summaries

Harpercollins Publishers LLC v. Open Road Integrated Media, LLP

Publisher Awarded $30,000 for E-Book's Sale After Notice of Copyright Infringement

The People v. Tunney

Prosecution Denied Reargument as Claims Found Meritless, Ordered to Release Documents

Curtis West 76 LLC v. Benishai

Monetary Dispute Did Not Implicate An Irreparable Harm; Injunction Denied

In re Sheldrake Lofts LLC

'Orion' Factors Weigh Against Withdrawal Of 'Non-Core' Reference to Bankruptcy Court

Juarez v. The Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.

Alienage Discrimination Lawsuit by Alien Granted DACA Status Survives Dismissal

McFarland v. US

Navy Veteran Loses FTCA Medical Malpractice Claim Against VA Over 'Knee Jerk' ExaminationMcFarland v. US

The People v. Adams

Supporting Deposition Not Based on Officer's Personal Knowledge; Information Dismissed

Matter of Rutgers

Proposed Split of Trust Into Three Separate Trusts Consistent With Settlor's Intent, GrantedS 11/24/14Matter of Rutgers

Will of Stern

In Camera Review Ordered to Decide if Full Disclosure Would Disgrace Decedent's Memory

Dafeng Hengwei Textile Co., Ltd. v. Aceco Industrial & Comm. Corp.

Attachment Order Vacated; Fraudulent Intent Not Shown in Connection With Assets Disposal

Navillus Contracting v. F.J. Sciame Construction Co.

Defendant Entitled to Offset of Expenses, Legal Fees From Amount Owed to Subcontractor

Crespo v. Harvard Cleaning Services

Office Cleaner's Temporary Job Legitimately Terminated After Background Check's Failure

The People v. C.C.

Court Vacates Convictions of Defendant Who Was Victim of Sex Trafficking

First United Mortgage Banking Corp. v. Valdivieso

Lender Fails to Establish Compliance With Notice Requirements of RPAPL §1303

The People v. Borzon

'Refusal' Warnings Given to Defendant Were Unclear, Incomplete, Inaccurate

Israel Discount Bank of N.Y. v. Eisneramper LLP

Bank Fails to Plead Scienter in Action Alleging Accounting Firm's Negligent Audit

Roukis v. US Army

Court Explains Denial of §2241 Habeas Relief To Private Court-Martialed for Wife's Murder

H. S. v. A. S.

Service of Summons With Notice of Action for Annulment Is Compliant With DRL §232

Tap Holdings, LLC v. ORIX Finance Corp.

Questions Exist as to Whether Asset Transfer Was Strict Foreclosure, Private Sale

Estronza v. RJF Sec. & Investigations

Only Security Guard's Race, Age Bias, Hostile Work Environment Claims Survive Dismissal

Topnotch Tennis Tours, LLC v. Global Tennis Connections Ltd.

Long-Arm Jurisdiction Over Tennis Promoter In Suit Over Wimbledon Tickets Explained

Mahmoud Shaban and Sons Co. v. Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Jury Could Find Rice Cargo Damaged Before Carriers Took Control of Cargo Containers

Constellation Brands, Inc. v. Keste, LLC

Claim for Damages Exceeding Contract's Liability Limitation Clauses Not Stated

Kosovsky v. Park South Tenants Corp.

Defendants Breached Part of Proprietary Lease Requiring Them to Maintain Building

Spring v. County of Monroe, New York

Potentially Valid First Amendment Violation Claim Is Raised; Complaint Denied Dismissal

In Re Aluminum Warehousing Antitrust Litigation

London Metal Exchange Ltd.'s Immunity Under FSIA Is Denied Reconsideration

Cortes v. 3A North Park Ave. Rest Corp.

Court Awards Derivative Judgment; Common Law Dissolution of Corporation Appropriate

Joseph Paul Winery Inc. v. The State of N.Y.

Due Process Rights Were Violated at Board Meeting Where Hearing Was Also Conducted

Balanced Return Fund Ltd. v. RBC

Institutional Investors Fail to Establish How Bank's Conduct Proximately Caused Losses

JJM Sunrise Automotive, LLC v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc

Court Dismisses Franchisee's Actions Alleging Violations of Motor Vehicle Dealer Act

Matter of Kevin M. v. South Beach Psychiatric Center

In Non-Criminal Matter, Court Issues Order Of Protection Against Mentally Ill Man

CVD Equipment Corp. v. Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp

Taiwan Glass Awarded $3.56 Million in Breach Suit Over Shipment Absent Prior Acceptance

In Re Sinus Buster Products Consumer Litigation

$188,628 Fee for Settlement Class Counsel Reasonable Under Lodestar, 'Goldberger'

U.S.A. v. Iverson

Oral Release Order Revoked; Indictee Is Danger, Flight Risk, Must Be Detained Pending Trial

Gibbs v. Metropolitan Trans. Authority

Fired Probationary LIRR Worker Fails to Show Age, Race Discrimination Violating Title VII

Onewest Bank FSB v. Escobar

Bank Denied Vacatur of Order of Reference, Directed to Appear for Possible Sanctions

M. M. & I. Realty Co., L.L.C. v. Gargano

Final Judgment Modified, Warrant Permanently Stayed on Condition Tenant Never Returns

Pinto v. Dietrichson

Money Judgment for Use, Occupancy Denied; Ex-Wife Granted Judgment as to Liability Only

Terra Energy & Resources Tech., Inc. v. Terralinna Pty. Ltd.

Court 'Clearly Erred' in Finding Rule 54(d)(2) Fees Damages Element to Be Proved at Trial

USA v. Rosario

False Alibi Evidence May Be Introduced But 'Modus Operandi' Evidence Barred by Rule 404

U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

Proposed Amendment Not Palpably Insufficient, Granting Bank Leave to Amend

USA. v. Lewis

Guilty Plea May Not Be Withdrawn; Motion Not Prompt, Contradicted by Prior Statements

Matter of Kleinbart v. Build Green Solutions LLC

No Rational Basis Exists for Arbitration Award; Court Vacates Award, Denies Confirmation

Gambino v. The State of NY

NYSTA Driver Sole Proximate Cause Of Accident; Claims Against State Dismissed

LBF Travel, Inc. v. Fareportal, Inc.

Lanham Act Infringement Over Keywords, Ad Links on Internet Search Results Alleged

Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. v. Alberto

Insurer Satisfied Criteria for Default Judgment; Court Concerned About Notice to Defendant

USA. v. Nassar

Apartment Fraudulently Conveyed to Trust With Intent to Hinder, Defraud Creditors

Aron v. Becker

County Defendants Awarded Fees in Rights Case Arising From Denial of Pistol License

USA v. Combs

Trial Severance Motions Held in Abeyance Pending Revised Redacted Statements

Matter of Robles v. NY City Dept. of Citywide Administrative Services

DCAS' Denial of HPBOE License Arbitrary; Denial Vacated, Remitted for Reconsideration

James v. Tavern

Bar, Landlord Granted Dismissal of Dram Shop Act, Negligence Claim for Shooting

S. H. v. E. S.

Wife Granted $40,000 Monthly Maintenance, Nearly $9,000 Child Support Awards

Matter of Chava F. v. Jacob F.

Acrimonious Couple Granted Joint Legal Custody Of Children, but Father Retains Physical Custody

Nicholson v. Fischer

Court Explains Denial of Emergency Injunction To Put Prison Inmate in Protective Custody

Matter of Q. M. v. B. C.

Presumption of Marriage, Equitable Estoppel Do Not Bar Biological Father's Paternity Suit

Frederick v. United Brotherhood of Carpenters

Only Disparate Pay Claim Over Coworker's Starting Wage Meets Title VII Pleading Standard

The People v. Frederick

Evidence Should Have Been Suppressed; Judgments Based on Illegal Stop Reversed

Allstate Ins. Co. v. Sidakis

Insurance Broker's Claims Against Allstate Over Sale of Northeast's Business to Be Tried

Estate of Cox

Court Approves Legal Fees, Disbursements Above Amounts Provided for in Stipulation

Greater Forest Hills Physical Therapy v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.

Court Rules Claimant Not Obligated to Submit No-Fault Claims Once Insurer Denies Coverage

Estate of Bogen

Ample Evidence Shows Classic Conditions Under Which Undue Influence Could Be Found

Curtis v. Cenlar FSB

Lender's Agent Was Required to Obtain Wind Insurance on Homeowner's Behalf

The People v. Auguste

Motion to Renew, Reargue Granted; Upon Same Court Adheres to Original Decision

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Wyly

SEC Acted in Regulatory Capacity in Seeking Asset Freeze in Anticipation of Judgment

Spectrum Origination LLC v. Hess

Renewal, Reargument Denied; No New Evidence Shown, Court Did Not Overlook Facts or Law

Neroni v. Grannis

Bulk of Retaliation Claims Against Agency's Head Dismissed; Causal Connection Not Shown