• Surrogate's Court, Bronx County
  • 2016-123/A
  • Surrogate Malave-Gonzalez
Order signed; 2016-123/A - Estate of Stephen W Schwartz; Order signed; 2016-1032 - Estate of Daniel Smith; Order signed; 2011-1128/B - Estate of Meyer Greenberg; Order signed; 2015-1090 - Estate of Bernard Kufeld; Order signed; 2017-932 - Estate of Aliza Balkowski; Order signed; 2011-1228/A - Estate of Joseph Jacobs; Order signed; 2017-1661 - Estate of Luis Rodriguez; Order signed; 2017-594/A - Estate of Martin Howze; Order signed; 2017-1719 - Estate of Guadalupe Vera; Order signed; 2017-1208 - Estate of Patricia A. Beston; Order signed; 2017-1009 - Estate of Irving Rosen; Order signed; 2016-1746/B - Estate of Phyllis Lydia White; Order signed; 2017-752 - Estate of Anthony Monaco II; Order signed; 2017-1644 - Estate of Bernadette Eileen Wallace; Decree signed; 2016-1936 - Estate of Myron Slaff; Decree signed; 2017-1508 - Estate of Olive Lovina Cameron; Decree signed; 2017-1624 - Estate of Nathan M. Kane; Decree signed; 2017-1565 - Estate of Anthony J DiNome; Decree signed; 2017-943 - Estate of Julius Yevlove; Decree signed; 2017-803 - Estate of Leon T Bleckman; Decree signed; 2017-969 - Estate of Johnnie V. Allen; Decree signed; 2017-1650 - Estate of Mary Hoare; Decree signed; 2017-1566/A - Estate of Robert Levenback; Decree signed; 2015-587/B - Estate of Bernice K Zap; Decree signed; 2017-199 - Estate of Katie Knight; Decree signed; 2017-1566 - Estate of Robert Levenback; Decree signed; 2017-1284/A - Estate of Luis Fuentes; Decree signed; 2017-1284 - Estate of Luis Fuentes; Decree signed; 2017-1743 - Estate of Sidney Weasen; Decree signed; 2017-1351 - Estate of Charles Perrier

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