• Surrogate's Court, Bronx County
  • 2017-503
  • Surrogate Malave-Gonzalez
Order signed; 2017-503 - Estate of Maria Margarita Bonet; Order signed; 2015-527 - Estate of Jose A Valciukas; Order signed; 2007-706/E - Estate of Gennaro Mazzella; Order signed; 2016-2316/A - Estate of Jose Collazo; Order signed; 2015-587/B - Estate of Bernice K Zap; Order signed; 516P2004/N - Estate of John McEnery; Order signed; 2017-756 - Estate of Faith Jensen; Order signed; 2017-460 - Estate of Godfrey Sundmark; Order signed; 2016-123/A - Estate of Stephen W Schwartz; Order signed; 2017-737 - Estate of Rafael Nieves; Order signed; 2014-34/B - Estate of Eugene Melendez; Order signed; 2016-2037 - Estate of Norman Hammes; Order signed; 2017-604 - Estate of Geraldine M Rooney; Order signed; 2016-912 - Estate of Edwin Louis Santana; Order signed; 2015-1315 - Estate of Maryann Brown; Order signed; 2017-777 - Estate of Fengping Ma; Order signed; 2017-360/A - Estate of William McMullan; Order signed; 2015-2924 - Estate of Byrdell Gross; Order signed; 2015-2399 - Estate of Stella Hatjygeorge; Order signed; 2016-2555 - Estate of Lillie Mae Moton Felder; Order signed; 2017-805 - Estate of Gregory Rodriguez; Order signed; 2017-697/A - Estate of Alfonso Ruiz; Decree signed; 2016-1589 - Estate of Edward Gelfand; Decree signed; 2017-490 - Estate of Bernard Diaz; Decree signed; 2017-353/A - Estate of Leonard H Selk; Decree signed; 2016-2902/A - Estate of Jennette McEwan; Decree signed; 2017-783 - Estate of Noreen DeLucia; Decree signed; 2016-2239 - Estate of Sun Mee Chin; Decree signed; 2016-2908/A - Estate of Joyce T Eversley

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