• Surrogate's Court, Bronx County
  • 2016-2862
  • Surrogate Malave-Gonzalez
Decree signed; 2016-2862 - Estate of Ana Casado; Order signed; 2012-1930/A - Estate of Akiah Shekira Powell; Order signed; 2016-1896/A - Estate of Margarita Hierrezuelo; Order signed; 2013-2270/B - Estate of Lidia Tavarez; Order signed; 486A2007/A - Estate of William Joseph Warren; Order signed; 2014-575/A - Estate of Sylvester K Thomas; Decree signed; 2016-2807 - Estate of Joseph Michael Lamarche; Decree signed; 2016-658/A - Estate of Eddy Guzman; Decree signed; 2016-1068 - Estate of Mattie H Metcalfe; Decree signed; 2013-79/B - Estate of Abraham Lind; Decree signed; 2016-1810 - Estate of Angel Valentin; Decree signed; 2010-791/A - Estate of Bernard Parsoff; Decree signed; 2016-2454 - Estate of Norris Brown; Decree signed; 2016-2719/A - Estate of Nelson Morales; Decree signed; 2016-2875 - Estate of Pablo Carmona; Decree signed; 2017-287 - Estate of Antonia Massanet; Decree signed; 2016-1684 - Estate of Santiago Abreu; Decree signed; 2010-2315/A - Estate of James Earl Smith; Decree signed; 2015-146/A - Estate of Rosa Charalambous; Decree signed; 529A2005/A - Estate of Fred Muriel; Decree signed; 2016-1703 - Estate of Evelyn Rainford; Decree signed; 2016-2807 - Estate of Joseph Michael Lamarche; Decree signed; 2016-2776/A - Estate of Gary Harris; Decree signed; 2016-2536 - Estate of Ana Maria Falche; Decree signed; 2016-2891 - Estate of Elisia Y Cabrera-Young; Decree signed; 2016-1900/A - Estate of Lorpue Jumbo; Decree signed; 2017-102 - Estate of Carol Brumley; Decree signed; 2016-2705 - Estate of Kimberly Yvette Smith; Decree signed; 2016-2721/A - Estate of Mabel Baron; Decree signed; 2016-1786 - Estate of Young Kim; Decree signed; 2017-86 - Estate of Tracey Sokoloff; Decree signed; 2016-2552 - Estate of Bernard Tanzillo; Decree signed; 2012-55/B - Estate of Jacinta Diaz

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