Special Reports

 Seated, from left, Judges Jenny Rivera, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Sheila Abdus-Salaam. Standing, from left, Judges Michael Garcia, and Rowan Wilson

Court of Appeals and Appellate Practice

In this Special Report: "In Three Procedural Decisions, Court Tackles Apportionment and Jurisdiction," "Decisions in the 2016-2017 Term Overwhelmingly Favored Prosecutors," "In Term of Transition, Court Sides With Insurers" "Court Considered Government Liability in Three Notable Cases," "Dealmaking With State-Owned Companies: Drafting, Enforcement Tips" and "The Oral Argument: An Absolute Must When Appealing a Case."

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this Special Report: "Expedited Arbitration: When Is Faster Better?," "Divorce Mediation and ADR in New York Courts," "Courthouse to Conference Room: Transitioning From the Bench to Private Mediator," "Navigating the Standards Used to Assess Arbitrator Bias in International Arbitration," "Dealmaking With State-Owned Companies: Drafting, Enforcement Tips" and "Be Careful What You Ask For: Multi-Tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses."

Matrimonial Law

In this Special Report: "Social Media in Divorce and Family Law: A Trap for the Unwary," "The Time Has Arrived for Covering Genetic Materials in Prenups," "The Separate Property Credit in Divorce Actions," "Parental Alienation During and After Divorce" and "Accessing and Using a Spouse's ESI in a Divorce."


In this Special Report: "Pay Equity Litigation Trends," "What's Ahead in Litigation Finance?," "How to Shift Your Litigation Strategies for the New IP Landscape," "'Spoofing': The SEC Calls It Manipulation, But Will Courts Agree?," "We Have an Arbitration Agreement. Now What?" and "10 Tips to Prepare Your Client for a Successful Deposition"

NYLJ 100

Despite flat demand in the legal industry, the biggest law firms overwhelmingly grew their New York offices last year. But even as Big Law gets bigger, the largest law office in the state is now New York City's legal department, where attorney head count grew by more than 10 percent.

Real Estate

In this Special Report: "NY Real Estate Attorneys Play Consumer Protection Role in Changing Era," "Security and Privacy in the New Retail Ecosystem," "Mezzanine Debt Versus Preferred Equity," "Protecting a Tenant's Right to Be Seen: Key Points for Drafting Signage Clauses," "Refining Fining Techniques to Keep Condo Owners in Line," "When Is a SEQRA Determination Ripe for Judicial Review?" and "Negotiating Divorce During Courtship."

Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy

In this Special Report: "Using Article 3-A to Protect Payment Rights in a Construction Bankruptcy," "Limitations on Adjudicating Disputes Involving Medicare Provider Agreements," "Fee Defense Litigation: Clarifying the Reach of 'Asarco'," "Blockchain: The Key to True Cybersecurity?," "Deal Breakers: The Importance of Privacy and Security Due Diligence in Transactions," "New DFS Cybersecurity Regulations Are Here: Will Your Insurance Protect You?" and "Is Your Discovery Process Setting You Up for a Data Breach?"

New York Top Verdicts and Settlements of 2016

The lawyers and law firms who are ranked in this special section represent the best of the best in the last year. Their zealous advocacy on behalf of their clients is inspiring and deserving of our respect.


In this Special Report: "Westworld, Skynet … There Might Be Insurance for That!," "What to Expect From the SEC's New Cyber-Savvy Chair," "Prosecuting Cyber Crime: An Overlooked Part of Bharara's Legacy," "Blockchain: The Key to True Cybersecurity?," "Deal Breakers: The Importance of Privacy and Security Due Diligence in Transactions," "New DFS Cybersecurity Regulations Are Here: Will Your Insurance Protect You?" and "Is Your Discovery Process Setting You Up for a Data Breach?"

Complex Litigation

In this Special Report: "Slack Fill: Is This Deception or Just a Bunch of Air?," "Searching for Web Crawling's Legal Boundaries," "A Judicial Perspective on the Management of Complex Litigation," "How to Customize Arbitration for Complex Commercial Cases," "Fee-Shifting Effect of Choice-of-Law Clauses" and "The Scope of Choice-of-Law Clauses in International Arbitration."

Law Firm Management

In this Special Report: "Managing Your Real Estate Assets," "Mastering Financial Metrics," "Data Breach Response: Testing and Preparation Are Key," "Teaming Up to Solidify Client Relationships" and "Balancing Doing Good and Doing Well."

Balloons spell out the word

Law Day

In this Special Report: "Preserving Due Process and Preventing Wrongful Convictions," "Non-Lawyers Help to Bridge the Justice Gap," "The 14th Amendment and Our Present Day Democracy," "New York: A Leader in Ensuring a Fair and Just Society," "Upholding Justice Close to Home," "'Jack v. Martin' and State Law Roots of Equal Protection Theory" and "Toward Liberty and Justice for All."


In this Special Report: "Partner Promotions Dip at New York's Largest Firms," "Collaboration as Superpower: Optimizing Value to Lead in the Future," "Law Firm Succession Planning," "Cultivating 'Must Have' Innovation" and "Incorporate Business Principles Into Law Firm Management."

Appellate Practice

In this Special Report: "Preparing for Oral Argument of Your Appeal," "Certification From the Second Circuit to the N.Y. Court of Appeals: A Guide," "Overcoming the Weakness in a Summary Judgment Decision on Appeal," "First in, Last out: The Benefits of Appellate Counsel," "Agency Independence From Presidential Supervision: Changes Ahead" and "Common Strategies in Petitions for Leave to Appeal."

White Collar Crime

In this Special Report: "The Compliance Monitor Dilemma," "The Promise of Blockchain Technology to Combat Money Laundering," "Retaliatory Discharge Suit by Former General Counsel Unsettles Scope of Attorney-Client Privilege," "A New Era of Enforcing Protectionist Trade Measures," "Ending Endless Punishment: Why Judges Should Address Criminal Records at Sentencing" and "Combatting Hindsight Bias in White-Collar Criminal Investigations."

Intellectual Property

In this Special Report: "Patents for Wearable Technologies That Withstand Patentability Challenges," "Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of IP Laws: Overseas Operations May Still Create U.S. Liability," "Federal Circuit Decision Highlights Traps in Provisional Application Practice," "Scope of Estoppel Post-IPR Proceedings Becoming Clearer" and "What's in a Name? Trademark Law for the Family-Owned Winery."

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this Special Report: "Collaborative Divorce: A Process Option Whose Time Has Come," "Proposed Rule for NY Supreme Court May Make Arbitration Truly Confidential," "Making Diversity Happen in ADR: No More Lip Service," "Mediation: A Solution for Resolving Interpersonal Conflict," "Preparing for a Successful Mediation: It's Elementary!" and "Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards Against Foreign Corporations Registered to Do Business in NY"

Commercial Litigation

In this Special Report: "Hotel Management Agreements and Enforcement of Forum Selection Clauses," "When Pre-Arbitration Requirements Lead to Disputes Over Dispute Resolution Clauses," "Appointment of New FCC Chair Could Lead to Reduced TCPA Litigation," "'Mandatory' Arbitration of Construction Disputes Under NY's Prompt Payment Act" and "Challenges to SEC Administrative Proceedings Echo Complaints Against Arbitration."


In this Special Report: "Privacy and Cybersecurity: A Rendezvous in Data Breaches," "Insurance Challenges Ahead as Cyber Perils Shift," "A Meeting of the Minds: Emerging Regulation and the Convergence of Cyber and Fraud," "Do Mitigation Efforts Give Plaintiffs a Right to Sue in Data Breach Cases?," "Regulatory Oversight of Third-Party Arrangements: Who's Writing the Contract?" and "Cybersecurity for Law Firms: Business Imperatives Update 2017."

Labor & Employment

In this Special Report: "SEC Whistleblower Program Experiences Historic Year," "Where There's Smoke: N.Y. Companies Should Re-examine Marijuana Policies," "Increasing State and Local Government Activism Creates Compliance Minefield," "Workplace Analytics and the Law: What Today's Practitioner Needs to Know," "An Employment Policy Is Only Good if the Company Enforces It" and "Litigating Against a Former Employer for Additional Compensation."