Special Reports


In this Special Report: "IP Insurance: Coverage for Costs of Litigating Over That Brilliant Idea," "Has the DTSA Changed Trade Secret Litigation in New York?," "Navigating Subpoena Disclosure Directives: The Art of Striking a Balance," "Will the Trump Administration Take US-EU Data Protection Disputes to the WTO?" and "'Spokeo' Requirement Has Real Teeth in Narrowing, Defeating Consumer Class Actions."


In this Special Report: "Benefits and Pitfalls of Outsourcing Email Services," "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Implications for E-Discovery's Future," "Strategies for Understanding Your Data Before a Meet-and-Confer," "Can Tests for Spoliation in NY State, Federal Courts Be Reconciled?" and "Obtaining Discovery From EU After GDPR's Passage."

White-Collar Crime

In this Special Report: "Economic Espionage and Trade Secrets Enforcement Under the Trump Administration," "Implications of Remaining Silent Before Banking Regulators," "Forfeiture and Restitution: Ships Passing in the Night?," "Public Corruption Prosecutions and Defenses Post-'McDonnell'" and "Recent U.K. Decision Jeopardizes U.S. Privilege Assertions for Witness Interviews."

Jim Dine's sculpture

NYSBA Annual Meeting

In this Special Report, leaders of the bench and bar discuss changes in the profession and ways to get involved with the New York State Bar Association.

Trusts & Estates

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Top 10 Developments, Lessons and Reminders of 2016," "Planning for Tax Reform in 2017," "Letting Go: Common Gift and Estate Tax Triggers," "Drafting Irrevocable Trusts for the Modern Family" and "Foreign Parents With U.S. Children: Trusts Play an Important Role."


In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Snow and Ice Liability: A Property Owner's Guide," "When a Court Interprets Foreign Law, There Is No Secret Password," "When Is an Oral Agreement Sufficiently Definite to Be Enforceable?," "Early Case Resolution: Be a Great Advocate by Not Litigating," "Context Matters: 'Omnicare' Revisited'" and "Litigating the Implied Covenant of Good Faith."

Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Will Innovative Moves Reverse the 'Death Spiral' of Malls?," "Why Marijuana Companies Can't File Bankruptcy and How That Could Change," "Uncertainty Continues Over Debtor's Right to Abandon Property," "Post-Confirmation Jurisdictional Shrinkage," "Challenging Midstream Contracts in the Wake of 'Sabine'" and "NDAs With Compelled Disclosure Are Critical to Reaching a Deal."

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Taking a Targeted Approach to Arbitration Discovery," "When Drafting an Arbitration Clause, Specificity Matters," "Mediation Is the Best Method to Resolve Long-Tail Coverage Disputes," "Ensuring Tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses Serve Their Intended Function" and "New Tips for a Successful Mediation."

Internal Investigations

In this Special Report: "Mitigating Risk in Asia-Based Investigations," "Seven Principles for Conducting a Digital Forensic Review," "When Is Cooperation With the Government Considered 'State Action'?," "Withstand Regulatory Scrutiny by Building a Culture of Compliance," "Five Ways to Meet Heightened Government Expectations" and "Privilege Protection in an Era of Cooperation."


In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal, brought to you compliments of Withum Smith & Brown: "What's in a Name: The NAD Knows," "NYDFS Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies," "In Bankruptcy, Attorney-Client Privilege Is Not Absolute," "Preservation of Issues Is a Prerequisite for Appellate Review," "Arbitration of Workplace Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Claims" and "Rule Governing Offers of Judgment Should Be Clarified Following Split SCOTUS Decisions."

Top Women in the Law

This inaugural class includes women from nearly every sector of the law: corporate deal makers, public interest lawyers, legal educators, solo practitioners, general counsel and judges, among others. Several run their own firms or work in large firms, where they have opened the door for women and minorities to succeed. They have contributed to the profession well beyond the billable hour as volunteers on legal boards and committees, task forces and commissions. And nearly all have done so while balancing the demands of motherhood and family obligations.

Labor & Employment

In this Special Report: "Why NY's New Pay Equity Law May Be a Game-Changer," "Could Predictive Scheduling Spread Across the Nation?," "Employee Arbitration Agreements and Class Action Waivers," "New FLSA Overtime Regulations: Planning for Costs of Compliance," "Public Sector Pensions Under Attack" and "Keys to an Effective Global Employment Strategy."

Mergers & Aquisitions

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Fintech: A New M&A Frontier," "Delaware Appraisal Results Are More Predictable Than They Seem," "Issues in Using Unregistered M&A Brokers in Transactions" and "A Series of Very Unfortunate Events."

Insurance Law

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Insurer's Claim File in the Crossfire of Discovery," "Theft and Severe Weather: a Storm for Marine Cargo Insurance," "Coverage Counsel and Personal Injury Lawyers: Perhaps Not Such Strange Bedfellows," "'Keyspan', 'Viking Pump' Throw N.Y. Allocation Law Into State of Confusion" and "The Bermuda Form: Declaring an Integrated Occurrence (or Not)."

First Year Associates Handbook

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal: "Getting Trial Ready Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint," "All You Really Need to Know About Working With Support Staff," "If You Don't Know Where You're Going, You'll End Up Somewhere Else," "What I Wish I'd Known as a New Lawyer," "Cognitive Dissonance and Law Firm Associate Pay" and "Mastering Time Management as a Junior Associate."


In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal, brought to you compliments of Berdon LLP: "Social Media Investigations: Digging Deep, or Just Scratching the Surface?," "Avoiding Post-Brexit Multilingual Review Pitfalls" "E-Discovery Techniques to Investigate and Mitigate Insider Threats," "Got Any Custodians? Go Fish!" and "How Will NY Courts Handle Encrypted Communications?"

White-Collar Crime

In this Special Report, brought to you by Withum Smith & Brown "How Proposed Changes to the ECPA Affect Privacy Interests in Investigations," "Of Redbirds and Rockets: Corporate Espionage and America's Pastime," "Correspondent Banking: A Gateway to Money Laundering Requires Heightened Scrutiny," "Beyond Compliance: Three Tips From Recent Cases" and "Cases Illustrate Weaknesses in N.Y. Theft Statutes and Need for Reform."

The Seventh Annual New York Law Journal Reader Rankings

This year's Reader Rankings reflect the continuing change taking place in your world. As the business and practice of law evolve, we continue to add new product and service categories to reflect how you are practicing today including new categories focusing on cybersecurity.

Lawyers Who Lead by Example

The New York Law Journal turns the spotlight on attorneys who have recognized that practicing law is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to give back.

Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy

In this Special Report from the New York Law Journal, brought to you compliments of Arthur B Levine Co.: "The Road to Chapter 11 Is Paved With Golden Shares: 'Intervention Energy'," "Litigation Finance: Bankruptcy’s Best-Kept Secret," "Buyers Beware! Second Circuit Limits Scope of 'Free and Clear' Sale," "Second Circuit, Delaware Bankruptcy Court Disagree on Fraudulent Transfer Issue" and "Risk Mitigation for Private Equity Sponsors."

Fashion Law

Private labels, piracy, social media, cheerleading uniforms, and more in this New York Law Journal special report.

Verdicts & Settlements Hall of Fame: Premises Liability

VerdictSearch and the New York Law Journal are proud to honor some of the highest dollar – and highest profile – Premises Liability cases from New York over the last five years.

Big Paychecks in the Big Apple

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Our latest list of best-paid general counsel reveals that New York is the place to be, with four of the top 10 in the nation hailing from the Empire State. These GCs, who are ranked by cash compensation, which includes salary, bonuses and nonequity compensation, took home some hefty chunks of change.

Looking south towards the burning World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 from the law offices of King & Spalding at 1185 Avenue of the Americas.

'Nobody Escaped This Nightmare': NYLJ Readers Recall 9/11

To mark the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the New York Law Journal asked readers to share their memories.