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The New York Law Journal covers daily news of the courts, the legal profession, law firms, court administration, government and public interest agencies, and law schools around the state of New York. Our reporting brings you breaking news and wide ranging content. Our expert columnists offer in-depth analysis of court rulings and trends in the law. And our editors select and summarize the most important decisions from all New York state and federal courts, from the trial to the appellate level. On NYLawyer Career Center, you will find job information and articles ranging from career advice to trends in the profession to the challenges facing young lawyers and how to handle them.


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The New York Law Journal throughout the day delivers news of the most important state and federal court rulings that affect the practice of law in New York. We also provides up to date reports and features on developments in law firms, the courts, government and administrative agencies, law schools, the Legislature and other topics of interest to New York lawyers.

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The editors of the New York Law Journal review lower court and appellate rulings from all state and federal New York courts and provide summaries and contextual reports on the decisions of interest that affect the practice of law in New York.

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Legal experts in every area of practice provide timely and thoughtful analysis on developments in the law that effect the daily work lives of practitioners. Our experts cover state and federal litigation in all areas of practice and in all levels of courts, corporate law, legislation, rules and guidelines affecting the practice of law and the profession.

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The legal market is changing constantly, and the NY Lawyer Career Center is designed to bring you the latest news and features about the evolving business of law. With Ann Israel and her popular Advice to the Lawlorn column, and Katherine Frink-Hamlett answering questions from female, LGBT and lawyers of color, we provide a resource for young attorneys seeking advice from experienced mentors.