Donna Aldea

Q&A: Donna Aldea

By Jeff Storey |

Donna Aldea ended a 15-year career as a prosecutor in April 2013 to become a partner at a prominent criminal defense and civil rights law firm. She discusses appellate advocacy, her toughest cases, switching to the defense, and her continuing work defending the pre-arraignment interview program of the Queens District Attorney's Office.

Noah J. Hanft

Q&A: Noah Hanft

Noah Hanft retired in April from MasterCard, where he was general counsel and chief franchise officer, to become the new president and CEO for the International Institution of Conflict Prevention & Resolution, which promotes techniques for more effective alternatives to increasingly costly and burdensome litgation.

Southern District Judge Richard Berman

Meet the Judges: Southern District Judge Richard Berman

The judge discusses his philosophy about the role of a judge, how he was influenced by your pre-bench experience, and the role clerks play in running of chambers.

Howard Bressler

Q&A: Howard L. Bressler

By Jeff Storey |

Attorney Howard L. Bressler writes that in the summer of 2000, "life was good. Life was very good." Then he was diagnosed with cancer. Bressler, a special counsel at Kasowitz Benson, says that he refused to be defined by his illness. Lawyerlike, he began to research his life-threatening condition and strategies to beat it, which he writes about in "The Layman's Guide to Surviving Cancer: From Diagnosis Through Treatment and Beyond."

Judge Chen

Meet the Judges: Eastern District Judge Pamela K. Chen

Judge Chen discusses her philosophy of being a judge, her favorite aspects of the job, how her previous experience as a federal prosecutor has influenced her judicial practice, and the funniest judges in the Eastern District.

Chief Judge Carol B. Amon

Meet the Judges: Eastern District Chief Judge Carol B. Amon

The chief judge discusses her role as the chief judge, her responsibilities in administration and how she is able to balance the two.

Anthony J. Annucci

Q&A: Anthony J. Annucci

By John Caher |

To insiders in the arena of New York corrections, Anthony Annucci is the go-to guy. His appointment by Gov. Andrew Cuomo as acting commissioner was widely viewed as a no-brainer since in his decades in the field, Annucci has been at the forefront (or in the cross-hairs) of emerging issues in corrections.

Richard Emery

Q&A: Richard D. Emery

By John Caher |

When Mayor Bill de Blasio decided the much-maligned Civilian Complaint Review Board needed a major makeover, he turned to an attorney with a career-long history of taking on the establishment—both as an outsider and an insider.

Daniel Nardello

Q&A: Daniel Nardello

By Jeff Storey |

Forget the image you may have of the hard-boiled private eye waiting in a seedy office for clients to show up. A former assistant U.S. attorney who runs an independent investigative firm discusses the current state of the industry, the techniques and types of work they do, and what qualities make a good investigator.