Josh Dubin

Q&A: Josh Dubin

By Jeff Storey |

Lawyers often rely on consultants like Josh Dubin, whose Dubin Research & Consulting, in the words of its website, "crafts litigation strategy that translates into victories at trial." He discusses trial strategies, juror psychology, and some of the cases in which his work had a significant impact.

Gerald Benjamin

Q&A: Gerald Benjamin

By Joel Stashenko |

Gerald Benjamin will be at the center of the debate in New York state over the next 18 months on whether to stage a convention to propose wholesale changes to the state constitution. He discusses the effort to inform New Yorkers, the importance of having a convention, and what state government would be like if voters had approved the recommendations from the last convention in 1967.

Lisa Smith

Q&A: Lisa F. Smith

By Christine Simmons |

Lisa F. Smith's book, "Girl Walks Out of a Bar," to be published by SelectBooks on June 7, is the story of her long and spiraling addiction to alcohol and drugs while working at prominent New York law firms—and her journey toward sobriety.

Helaine Barnett

Q&A: Helaine Barnett

By Andrew Denney |

For half a century, Helaine Barnett, who chairs the state's Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, has championed efforts to provide legal representation to low-income New Yorkers. She discusses her career and efforts to meet civil legal services for low income New Yorkers.

Joshua A. Levine

Q&A: Joshua Levine

By Jeff Storey |

The Simpson Thacher partner discusses the firm's pro bono work on the case of Reggie Clemons, who was sentenced to death in connection with the 1991 deaths of two young girls. Levine argued Clemons' case in the Missouri Supreme Court, which recently vacated the conviction and sentence.