Letters to the Editor

'Mashreqbank' Adds Layer of Confusion on Notice of Motion

By Elliott Scheinberg |

Scaffold Law Needs To Be Protected

By Robert F. Danzi |

Creative Ways to Provide Access to Justice

By Martha Bergmark |

Social Media Post Exposes Juror's Partiality

An article concerning juror use of social media ("Judges Urge Explicit Juror Cautions on Use of Social Media During Trial," March 20, 2014), reports that the authors of a study of jurors concluded that explicit instructions from judges regarding social media—that is, instructions not to use it—were the best way to make sure juries remained impartial.

JCOPE Is Proper Forum for Request in 'Greenberg' Case

By Joseph W. Bellacosa |

Equal Protection Examined in the Context of Policing

By Steven Zeidman |

Enact Amendment to Social Services Law on Adoptions

By Robin Fleischner |

Remembering Alfred Siegel

By Greg Berman |

Notice to the Bar: New Settlement Opportunities Under S.D. Mediation Plan

By James Cott and Rebecca Price |

Why Skype Is a Bad Idea for Arraignments

By Jonathan E. Gradess |

Use Video Hook-Ups for Arraignments

By Michael S. Pollok |

Ruling Leaves Immigrants With No Real Remedy

Evangeline M. Chan writes about an article from November titled "Courts Must Warn of Plea Deportation Result."

Charitable Services Should Be Tax Deductible

By Howard S. Davis |

'Citizens United' Is Misunderstood

By Ira Glasser |

Parole and Politics Shouldn't Mix

By Barbara Hanson Treen |

The business of paroling is to sit at the pleasure of the governor and although unspoken, it is implicit in the appointment that one be expected to be sensitive in decision-making to needs for a budget escape hatch, political appeasement, media hype and interest groups' pressure.

‘Ethics’ Tactic Only Seeks to Intimidate Public Officials

The gist of the complaint is that the attorney purportedly misrepresented statements in a recent book by Greenberg, and documents filed with the SEC by entities controlled by Greenberg, relating to whether Greenberg intends, or is likely, to become an official of a public company, or a company in the securities business—matters that are pertinent to a summary judgment motion pending before the court.

Quinn Corrects Lawyer's Claims About Firm's Client

A member of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan and represent Raymond A. Mirra Jr. in a pending civil defamation case writes to correct certain statements attributed to Allan L. Brenner, in an article titled "Jordan Defense Lawyer Continues Attack on D.A. Team."

Guidance on Proposed Federal Rules

By James F. Parver and Michael C. Rakower |

Ombudsman for Federal Judges Seems Superfluous

By Richard M. Berman |

In a Nov. 25 "Perspective," Joel Cohen suggests the need for "a judicial-like spokesperson or an infrastructure" to make the case for a judge who has been "blasted by the tabloids."

Videotaping Medical Exams

By Elyse J. Stern |

Elyse J. Stern writes how videotaping plays a salient role in insuring the integrity of the evaluation process.

Videotaping Medical Exams

By Timothy R. Capowski |

Timothy R. Capowski writes about the video recording of CPLR 3121 examinations.

Act Provides Both Sides With Means To Obtain Testimony

By Benjamin Ostrer |

Clarifying 'Holmes' Position on Subpoena of N.Y. Journalist

By Daniel N. Arshack and Richard D. Willstatter |

Why New Yorkers Voted Down Prop 6

By Andrew L. Kalloch |

Reducing Awards to Injured Claimants Is Not Law's Intent

By Mitchell Sassower |

Insured Should Be Entitled to Attorney Fees

By David Jaroslawicz |

The Second Circuit Panel Got it Wrong

By Erwin Chemerinsky |

New Law Protects Child Models

By Doreen Small |

Support for Reelection of Angiolillo

By Jay C. Carlisle II, Randolph M. McLaughlin, Bennett L. Gershman, Merril Sobie |