Letters to the Editor

Burden of Proof in Parking Violation Cases

By Glen Bolofsky |

LeGaL Weighs In on Court of Appeals Appointments

By Janice B. Grubin and Meredith R. Miller |

While the LGBT community's historic exclusion and current underrepresentation in the state judiciary generally remains a concern, it is particularly problematic at the Court of Appeals. Our absence there, unfortunately, has been keenly reflected by precedential decisions over the years that relied upon discredited stereotypes and painful misunderstandings to reach legal conclusions very much adverse to our community members and their families.

Dangers of Coaching Parents in Custody Evaluations

By Paulette M. Selmi |

Small Claim Success Story

Videotaping's Effect On Clients

By Madeline Lee Bryer |

Rikers Bill Would Improve Criminal Justice System

By Joseph R. Lentol |

Comment Disparaged Matrimonial Bar

By Steven A. Leshnower |

Rent Overcharge Limitations Period Remains Untouched

By Darryl M. Vernon |

Given a Second Chance After Prostate Cancer

By Jeffrey Lebowitz |

Jeffrey Lebowitz writes about embarking on his long-delayed post judicial career.

Reichbach Would Find No Comfort Under Marijuana Law

By Emily Jane Goodman |

What Employers Should Know About Ramadan

By Atif Rehman |

Admissibility of Out Of State Affidavits

By Stephen Shapiro |

There Is No Battle Over Surreptitious Taping of IMEs

By Timothy R. Capowski and Tiffany A. Miao |

Service of Process to Virtual Office

By Nicole Hyland |

How Will 'Pro Bono' Be Defined?

By Kenneth H. Ryesky |

Religious Reference Without Context Is Offensive

By Alan S. Axelrod |

Diversity on Albany Bench

By William Little and Jennifer Corona |

Oh, When Will the School Board Ever Learn?

By Jay H. Berg |

Clarifying Related Case Opinions

By Burt Neuborne |

Why ABA Opinion on Jurors and Social Media Falls Short

By Mark A. Berman, Ignatius A. Grande and Ronald J. Hedges |

The Spirit of Liberty: A Perpetual Anniversary

By Judith S. Kaye |

Judith S. Kaye, counsel to Skadden Arps and the former Chief Judge of New York, writes: There are so many 2014 anniversaries—for starters, the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education and the 50th of the Civil Rights Act, reaffirming that it remains for us, each in our own way, to persist in reinvigorating the message that the spirit of liberty, genuine equal opportunity for all, lies in our hearts and in our hands.

A Footnote to Pro Bono

By Harold Lee Schwab |

Speedy Cases: What Helps Some Litigants Can Hurt Others

By Michael S. Levine |

Optimistic About More Family Court Judges This Term

By Stephanie Gendell and Denise Kronstadt |

Need for Family Court Judges

By Yisroel Schulman |

Does Albany Have the Will to Create Family Court Judgeships?

By Mitchell B. Nisonoff |

'Mashreqbank' Adds Layer of Confusion on Notice of Motion

By Elliott Scheinberg |

Scaffold Law Needs To Be Protected

By Robert F. Danzi |

Creative Ways to Provide Access to Justice

By Martha Bergmark |

Social Media Post Exposes Juror's Partiality

An article concerning juror use of social media ("Judges Urge Explicit Juror Cautions on Use of Social Media During Trial," March 20, 2014), reports that the authors of a study of jurors concluded that explicit instructions from judges regarding social media—that is, instructions not to use it—were the best way to make sure juries remained impartial.