Letters to the Editor

Court of Appeals Building, Albany, NY.

Privilege Standard Was Misinterpreted

In a recent column, the authors suggest that the new qualified immunity test applicable to pre-litigation statements set out in 'Front, Inc. v. Khalil' may be overcome by a showing of malice. We respectfully disagree.

Column Misinterprets Real Estate Rulings

While the recent article "The 'Altman' Conundrum (Continued)" is an important update in the area of high rent deregulation, we think it misses the mark in its description of the Rent Act of 2011, as well as the import of '233 East 5th Street LLC' and the interplay between that decision and 'Altman'.

New York State Capitol in Albany

Legislature Can Save Indigent Defense Bill

By Lewis Rosenberg |

Last year, in a rare moment of statesmanship, the legislature unanimously passed a bill for the state to take over funding in the 52 other counties of all criminal defense furnished indigent defendants.

Late Judge Defended Press Freedoms

An attorney remembers Judge Leonard Sand and his contributions to freedom of the press.

Support New Judges in Family Court

By Richard M. Berman |

Family Court judges handle the most difficult and vexing legal and social problem—including among them juvenile crime, child abuse, domestic violence, custody and visitation, and adoption. And, so it is a real tribute to them and to court administrators, and a mark of real success, that the number of pending cases has dropped.

Defense Providers Meet High Standards

By Stan A. Germán |

At New York County Defender Services, we read with disappointment the inaccurate claims made by several city bar organizations and others regarding the suitability of using institutional defenders to represent indigent homicide defendants.

Owners Bear Burden of Nonpaying Tenants

By Demetrios Coritsidis |

Giving indigent tenants the right to counsel should not be done only to reduce or delay evictions, if they are warranted, or to save the city money in not having to send homeless tenants to shelters. If the city wants to have non-paying tenants continue to live in their apartments, the burden should fall on all taxpayers.

Judge Laura Jacobson

More Salient Points on Judge's Ouster

The article "Judge in Legal Row With Brooklyn Democrats Kicked Off Party Ticket" does not mention several salient points relevant to the complaint against the Brooklyn party filed by Justice Laura Jacobson.

German Citizenship More Complicated Than Article Portrays

Your article "Restoration of German Citizenship for Holocaust Victims and Descendants" was interesting. I know from experience that citizenship restoration is not an especially onerous process, that supporting documents are fairly easy to find and that the German authorities are generally very helpful.

Article Misses Cause of Foreclosure Delays

The article "Recent Efforts to Speed Up Foreclosure Proceedings in N.Y." is more inflammatory than informative. It flogs crude and scornful stereotypes about distressed homeowners that bear no resemblance to the reality that advocates for these homeowners have seen since before the housing crisis began.

NYPD surveillance camera

Can the NYPD Comply With Basic Rules?

The recent report by the inspector general of the New York City Police Department solidifies the lack of trust minorities have towards the NYPD.

Diversity CLE Could Become Burdensome

By Howard Sayetta |

The purpose of continuing legal education is to keep attorneys current with the day-to-day practice of law. The addition of a requirement for a certain number of hours of diversity training will have the result of either making less time available for courses keeping one current with practice, or adding another burdensome requirement.

NYPD logo

New Commissioner of NYPD Has Tough Challenges Ahead

By Michael J. Gorman |

One lesson that the new police commissioner, James O'Neill, can learn from William Bratton's trail-blazing tenure as police commissioner is that in these racially contentious times, the top police boss will never be able to please everyone, no matter how low the crime rate.

CLE Should Include Diversity Training

By Raun J. Rasmussen |

Making diversity and inclusion an ongoing CLE requirement will elevate these important issues for the entire bar, helping us all to continue our work to eliminate bias and create more justice in our workplaces, our profession, and our communities.