Andrew Denney

Asbestos Case Management Rules Delayed by Court

Andrew Denney

Implementation of the vast majority of provisions in a new case management order for the New York City Asbestos Litigation docket have been stayed pending a review by a Manhattan appeals court.

GM Gains Defense Verdict in NY Ignition Switch Case

Andrew Denney

The latest bellwether trial in the General Motors ignition switch litigation has gone in the automaker's favor, after a verdict was handed up in a Manhattan federal courtroom.

Circuit Opens Door to Gun Recovery After Order Expires

Andrew Denney

A federal appeals court said there is "no clear reason" why a Nassau County woman whose rifles and shotguns were taken away as part of a now-expired order of protection should not receive a hearing to determine if her weapons should be returned.

NY Judge Rejects Delay in Implementation of New Asbestos Docket Rules

Andrew Denney

A state judge in Manhattan denied a motion on Tuesday by attorneys from the asbestos defense bar to block implementation of a new case management order for the New York City Asbestos Litigation docket set to take effect on Thursday.

Infringement Suit Over 'Rastafarian' Photo Clears Hurdle

Andrew Denney

A Manhattan judge has extinguished a motion by a well-known "appropriation artist" to dismiss an infringement lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who says his photo "Rastafarian Smoking a Joint" was bogarted for one of the artist's works without permission.

Small NY Bars Showing Big Bouts Hit With Piracy Suits

Andrew Denney

Bars planning to show the much-hyped August boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor should be warned: the company that handles pay-per-view distribution for major fights won't hesitate to sue establishments that show big bouts without a license.

Ministerial Exception Applies to Catholic School Principal, 2nd Circuit Rules

Andrew Denney

The ex-principal of a Catholic elementary school had not held a religious position but is nonetheless barred by the First Amendment's ministerial exception from bringing a discrimination suit against her former employer, a federal appeals court ruled.

Silver Corruption Conviction Overturned by Second Circuit

Josefa Velasquez and Andrew Denney

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's conviction on corruption charges was overturned by a federal appeals court Thursday morning. Southern District U.S. Attorney Joon Kim has already announced the office will retry the case.

In Next Silver Trial, Prosecutors Will Have Narrower Road, Lawyers Say

Andrew Denney and Josefa Velasquez

For federal prosecutors, the ruling by the Second Circuit to throw out the conviction of former New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on Thursday highlights the challenges of winning public corruption cases in the post-'McDonnell' era.

Murder Conviction Vacated With Brooklyn DA's OK

Andrew Denney

At a hearing Wednesday in Brooklyn to clear a man of his 20-year-old murder conviction for prosecutorial misconduct, there was plenty of blame to go around for what went wrong in the case.

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