ESTATE OF THOMAS KOSHONSKI, Deceased (4374/08) — Incident to her final accounting in the estate of, Thomas Koshonski, the Public Administrator requests a determination of the identity of decedent's distributees.

Based upon the proof submitted at a hearing before a court attorneyreferee, the Court finds that decedent was survived by two paternal first cousins, as his sole distributees.

The Court is satisfied that diligent and exhaustive efforts have been made, without success, to ascertain the existence of other distributees, that more than three years have elapsed since decedent's death, and that no claim to a distributive share in the estate has been made by any person other than the above mentioned distributees. The Court, therefore, determines that no other distributees exist (SCPA 2225).

Accordingly, the net estate shall be distributed to Bella Renzi and George Brodesser.

The Public Administrator shall supplement her account by affidavit and as so supplemented the account is settled.

Settle decree.

Dated: February 13, 2013