ESTATE OF LESLIE DAVIS, Deceased. (1797/B/04) — This is an application to withdraw funds deposited with the Commissioner of Finance of the City of New York by decree dated February 7, 2008, for the benefit of the unknown distributees of decedent Leslie Davis.

Based upon the proof submitted before a court attorney-referee, the court finds that decedent was survived by two children as his sole distributees.

The court is satisfied that diligent and exhaustive efforts have been made, without success, to ascertain the existence of other distributees, that more than three years have elapsed since decedent's death and that no claim to a distributive share in the estate has been made by any person other than the above mentioned distributees. It is therefore determined that no distributees exist other than those ascertained in the record before the court (SCPA 2225).

Accordingly, the Commissioner of Finance of the City of New York, after deducting his fees and charges as provided by law, is directed to pay the funds on deposit and accrued interest in equal shares to Paul Davis and Delta Davis.

Settle decree.

February 6, 2013