Cite as: Matter of Margaret B. Scalesci, 2012-948, NYLJ Matter of Margaret B. Scalesci, at *1 (Surr., RI, Decided November 14, 2012)

Surrogate Robert J. Gigante

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Decided: November 14, 2012




In this Probate proceeding, it appears that Marie Ann Scalesci, a distributee, may be an incapacitated person incapable of adequately protecting her rights. Accordingly, the Court appoints Kerri L. Bringslid, Esq., pursuant to SCPA 311 as the Designee for the alleged incapacitated person.

In addition to the service of process under SCPA 307 upon the alleged incapacitated person, a copy of the process issued shall be served by personal delivery upon the Designee at least ten (10) days before the return date of the Citation.

This decision shall constitute the Order of the Court.

Proceed accordingly.