Cite as: Matter of Theresa Ungro, 2012-782, NYLJ 1202587225772, at *1 (Surr., RI, Decided November 8, 2012)

Surrogate Robert J. Gigante


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Decided: November 8, 2012




In this probate proceeding, it appears that Catherine M. Randes, a distributee, is an incapacitated person, thereby requiring the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem pursuant to SCPA 403(2).

Accordingly, the Court appoints James Sak, Esq., as the Guardian ad Litem to protect the interest of such party.

The appointment is effective upon the Guardian ad Litem filing with the Court Form UCS 872 entitled "Notice of Appointment and Certification of Compliance," and upon the Guardian ad Litem duly qualifying pursuant to Uniform Rules for the Surrogate's Court Section 207.13(A).

This decision shall constitute the Order of the Court.