ESTATE OF BASIL CONSTANT, also known as VASILIOS BASIL CONSTANT, Deceased — In this proceeding to probate an instrument dated August 2, 2010, the residuary beneficiary, the decedent's spouse, has appeared by counsel and the only other persons named in the will, the decedent's two children, have filed objections. As all parties named in the instrument have appeared and are represented by counsel, there are no persons required to be served pursuant to SCPA 1411. A conference shall be held on February 6, 2013 with the court at 9:30 A.M. or as soon as thereafter as the matter may be heard.

The proponent shall mail a copy of this decision, which constitutes the order of the court, to counsel for the objectants and counsel for the decedent's spouse. Respective counsel as well as any party who desires to be present shall appear at the conference prepared to discuss the underlying issues and a schedule for disclosure.

The Chief Clerk shall mail a copy of this decision and order to counsel for the proponent.

Proceed accordingly.

January 23, 2013