ESTATE OF JAMALE ANTHONY ROBERTS, Deceased — The administrator, the decedent's mother, seeks to judicially account for the remaining proceeds of causes of action arising from the decedent's death settled in the Supreme Court, Bronx County (Torres, J.), which, inter alia, directed the payment of attorneys' fees and disbursements, funeral expenses and that an annuity be funded for the benefit of the decedent's infant son and sole distributee with a portion of his distributive share.

The decedent died on April 27, 2006, allegedly as the result of asphyxiation. The infant's mother is the guardian of the infant's property. Under the circumstances presented, including the consent of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and the lack of any unpaid debts or claims presented herein, the court grants the request to allocate the entire settlement proceeds to the wrongful death cause of action.

Commissions are allowed in the sum requested. The net distributable proceeds are to be paid to the duly appointed guardian of the infant's property jointly with the Guardian Clerk of this court, subject to the further order of the court.

Settle decree.

January 28, 2013