ESTATE OF KATHLEEN DICASIMIRRO, Deceased — On the return date of this proceeding by the Commissioner of Social Services seeking to compel the administrator to account, the matter was marked "supplemental citation." Jurisdiction is now complete, without any opposition being filed. Inasmuch as letters of administration issued to the respondent administrator on April 16, 2001, there does not appear to be any reason why the administrator cannot expeditiously render her account. Accordingly, the application is granted.

The respondent is directed to file her account, a petition for its judicial settlement, and all of the papers required to obtain the issuance of a citation in the accounting proceeding within thirty (30) days of the personal service upon her of a certified copy of the order to be entered hereon. The respondent shall then, without delay, caused the citation to be served upon all parties required to be served in an accounting proceeding pursuant to SCPA 2210. The respondent shall appear before the court from time to time as required for the purpose of the settlement of her account.

Submit order.

January 28, 2013