2011-3163 Q CR. PEOPLE v. SAMIR, TALBI — Motion by Steven Banks, Esq., counsel assigned to represent appellant on an appeal from a judgment of conviction of the Criminal Court of the City of New York, Queens County, rendered September 29, 2011, to be relieved, and to have other counsel substituted.

Upon the papers filed in support of the motion and the papers filed in response thereto, it is

ORDERED that the motion is granted and KEVIN COSTELLO, ESQ. located at 43-33 194th STREET, FLUSHING, NEW YORK 11358 is assigned pursuant to article 18-B of the County Law; and it is further,

ORDERED that Steven Banks, Esq., shall provide new counsel with all papers; and it is further,

ORDERED, on the court's own motion, that the appeal shall be perfected expeditiously; and it is further,

ORDERED that upon service of a copy of this decision and order upon it, the Department of Probation is hereby authorized and directed to provide assigned counsel with a copy of the pre-sentence report, if any, prepared in connection with appellant's sentencing, including the recommendation sheet and any prior reports on appellant which are incorporated or referred to in the report.