• Appellate Term, Second Judicial Department
  • 2011-308
  • Oct 08 2010 (Date Decided)
  • : Pesce, P.J., Rios and Aliotta, JJ.
2011-308 K C. ALL BORO PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, P.C. AS ASSIGNEE OF HENRY MCCORKLE, ap, v. THE HARTFORD INS. CO., res — Appeal from an order of the Civil Court of the City of New York, Kings County (Johnny Lee Baynes, J.), entered October 8, 2010, deemed from a judgment of the same court entered November 4, 2010 (see CPLR 5501 [c]). The judgment, entered pursuant to the October 8, 2010 order granting defendant's motion for summary judgment, dismissed the complaint.