PEOPLE, ETC., res, v. CAREY SCURRY, ap — Renewed motion by the appellant pro se on an appeal from judgment of the Supreme Court, Kings County, rendered June 4, 2012, for leave to prosecute the appeal as poor person, and for the .

Upon the papers filed in support of the motion and the papers filed in opposition thereto, it is

ORDERED that the motion is denied, with leave to renew upon proper papers, including the appellant's affidavit setting forth (1) the appellant's full financial situation including all assets, both real and personal, as well as any and all sources of income before conviction, (2) whether the appellant was represented by assigned counsel or retained counsel in the trial court and, if retained, the amount and source of counsel fees paid to retained counsel, and (3) if on bail before conviction, the amount and source of the bail money, and if bail was the appellant's own money, what happened to the same after conviction.

MASTRO, J.P., LOTT, AUSTIN and SGROI, JJ., concur.