GREEN, ALAN v. COMBINED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK, COMBINED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA AND ROBERT W. DOWNIE — It is Ordered that plaintiff-respondent's motion for reargument is granted, and, upon reargument, defendants-appellants are ordered to correct the record as follows: 1-Enlarge the record to include the affirmations of Dr. Goldin, Dr. Howard and Dr. Stackhouse, plaintiff's treating physicians; the signature pages of the January 4, 2012 affidavit of Garett Goldberg and plaintiff's disability insurance policy; page 506 from the deposition transcript of Robert Downie; and plaintiff's November 26, 2001 CT scan results; 2-Remove from the record defendants-appellants' expert report; defendants-appellants' motion to compel the production of documents; and an incorrectly added letter to an exhibit submitted in connection with plaintiff's opposition papers to the summary judgment motion below.

It is Further Ordered that the appeal will be calendared for the May 2013 term — the filing deadline for defendants-appellants to file and serve an amended brief and a corrected record on appeal is March 13, 2013. Respondent's brief must be served and filed by April 4, 2013. Reply briefs, if any, are to be served and filed by April 11, 2013.