IN THE MATTER OF EDMUND T. WELCH, ap, v. RACHEL L. TAYLOR, res — (PROCEEDING NO. 1) IN THE MATTER OF RACHEL L. TAYLOR, res, v. EDMUND T. WELCH, ap — (PROCEEDING NO. 2) V-8791/11D, V-11637/10, V-11637/11D) — Appeals by Edmund T. Welch from three orders of the Family Court, Kings County, all dated November 16, 2012. Pursuant to Family Court Act §§ 1118 and 1120, and upon the certification of Mindy L. Gress, Esq., dated December 20, 2012, it is

ORDERED that the respondent is granted leave to proceed as a poor person on the appeals, and the following named attorney is assigned as counsel to respond to the appeals:

Jill M. Zuccardy, Esq.

225 Broadway - Suite 1515

New York, N.Y. 10007

917-309-2763 and it is further,

ORDERED that assigned counsel shall promptly attempt to contact the respondent at the address provided by the Court, and shall notify the Case Manager assigned to the appeals on or before January 30, 2013, in writing, that she has done so and that either

(1) the respondent is interested in responding to the appeals, or

(2) the respondent is not interested in responding to the appeals, or that she has been unable to contact the respondent, and wishes to be relieved of the assignment.