ESTATE OF ADRIAN YGLESIAS, Deceased (A-196/04/A) — The limited administratrix of this estate has moved to modify the limitations contained in the Limited Letters of Administration issued by this Court on August 30, 2004 so as to enable her to compromise a wrongful death/ personal injury cause of action on behalf of decedent.

Jurisdiction has been obtained over all necessary parties, including the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

Upon review of all the papers submitted, the application to modify the limitations and to settle the wrongful death/personal injury claim in the amount of $300,000.00 is approved. All proceeds are allocated to the cause of action for personal injury.

Attorney fees, inclusive of disbursements, are fixed and allowed in the total amount of $90,251.24 to Sheldon E. Green, P.C. 1199 SEIU Funds Benefit & Pension shall be paid $3,860.11 in payment of its claim.

The net balance in the amount of $205,888.65 shall be paid to the decedent's distributees pursuant to EPTL §4-1.1 as follows: $102,944.32 to Angel Paradiso; and $102,944.33 to Kara Castelfranco.

Incidental relief prayed for is granted.

Decree signed.

December 6, 2012