IN THE MATTER OF BABY BOY P. (ANONYMOUS), ALSO KNOWN AS MAXIM V. (ANONYMOUS). ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDRENS SERVICES PETITIONERS-res, IRENA P. (ANONYMOUS) ET AL., ap — (APPEAL NO. 1) IN THE MATTER OF DANIEL V. (ANONYMOUS). ADMINISTRATION FOR CHILDRENS SERVICES PETITIONERS-res, VIDIM V. (ANONYMOUS), ET AL., ap — (APPEAL NO. 2) — Appeals by Irena P. from two orders of the Family Court, Queens County, both dated July 5, 2012, and separate appeals by Vidim V. from the same orders. By order to show cause dated November 26, 2012, the parties or their attorneys were directed to show cause before this Court why an order should or should not be made and entered relieving the attorney assigned by order on certification of this Court dated September 18, 2012, to perfect the appeals on behalf of the appellant Vidim V. on the ground that the attorney had been unable to contact the appellant Vidim V., and dismissing his appeals.

Now, upon the order to show cause and the papers filed in response thereto, it is

ORDERED that the motion is granted, assigned counsel for the appellant Vidim V. is relieved of the assignment, and the appeals by Vidim V. are dismissed, without costs or disbursements (see 22 NYCRR 670.4[a] [2]).

RIVERA, J.P., LOTT, ROMAN and SGROI, JJ., concur.