ESTATE OF JUDITH FANTAUZZI, Deceased (A-114/04/B) — Limited Letters of Administration were issued on August 17, 2004 to Jose Fantauzzi, Jr. Those letters were restricted to the prosecution of a cause of action and the Administrator was restrained from compromising any settlement without a further order from this Court. Additionally, the Letters received on August 17, 2004 restricted the Administrator from selling the property located at 973 Goethals Road North, Staten Island, New York.

Subsequent to the issuance of those Letters, the Administrator has sought the Court's permission to compromise and settle the cause of action and has sought to sell the property mentioned above. Those requests were granted.

Most recently, a Petition to Amend and Extend the Letters of Administration was brought by Mr. Fantauzzi because additional funds in the amount of $2,896.99 have come into the estate.

The Limited Letters of Administration are now amended and extended to be full Letters of Administration to allow the collection and administration of all other assets of the estate.

This Court dispenses with the filing of a bond.

This decision shall constitute the Order of the Court.

December 18, 2012