ESTATE OF JORDAN BOMMERSHEIM, Deceased (A-127/00/B) — This is a proceeding for the judicial settlement of the account of Public Administrator of Richmond County, as administrator of this estate.

Jurisdiction over all necessary parties, including the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance, has been obtained and no objections to any of the relief requested has been filed.

Pursuant to this Court's decision dated October 12, 2012, the administrator has filed, upon Notice of Settlement, an affidavit bringing his account up to date with a final accounting decree. Additionally, the affidavit of legal services, pursuant to SCPA 1108.2(c) and Uniform Rule 207.45 has been filed and reviewed. Legal fees are hereby fixed and approved in the amount requested. The remainder of the relief requested within the account of proceeding is granted in all respects.

The account of the Public Administrator of Richmond County as administrator of this estate is hereby settled.

Decree signed.

December 13, 2012