ESTATE OF JOHN ROUBLICK, Deceased — In this application by the surviving spouse for a compulsory accounting and an order directing the executor to convey real property to her, the parties stipulated on the record to the entry of a 60-day order for a compulsory accounting and that counsel for the executor would accept service of the order. Accordingly, that branch of the application is granted.

The respondent shall file his account, a petition for its judicial settlement, and all of the papers required to obtain the issuance of a citation in the accounting proceeding within 60 days of service upon his attorney of a certified copy of the order to be entered in this proceeding. The respondent shall then, without delay, cause the citation to be served upon all parties required to be served in an accounting proceeding pursuant to SCPA 2210 and appear before the court from time to time as required for the purpose of the settlement of his account.

The branch of the application seeking conveyance of the realty was adjourned with respect to parties over whom jurisdiction was obtained, to be restored to the calendar on the return date of the accounting proceeding. In the interim, the petitioner is to obtain jurisdiction over the other interested parties.

Settle order and proceed accordingly.

December 31, 2012