ESTATE OF ISRAEL LEVINE, Deceased (2323/06/B) — This is an uncontested petition pursuant to SCPA 2110 to fix legal fees. The petition is brought incident to a contested probate proceeding which settled pursuant to a written stipulation after conference with the court.

Petitioner asks the court to fix her fees in the sum of $25,600, plus disbursements of $1,640 for services rendered in the will contest on behalf of the nominated executor under the penultimate will.

Upon review of petitioner's affidavit of services and with due regard to the guidelines set forth in Matter of Freeman, 34 NY2d 1 and Matter of Potts, 123 Misc 346 aff'd 213 AD 59, aff'd 241 NY 593, the legal services and disbursements are fixed in the sums requested.

This decision constitutes the order of the court.

January 3, 2013