• Surrogate's Court, Bronx County
  • Dec 26 2012 (Date Decided)
  • Surrogate Holzman

MATTER OF THE GUARDIANSHIP OF ANGELA A. A — In this proceeding commenced by the guardian ad litem appointed for the infant to recover funds improperly withdrawn from the infant's guardianship account, after a conference with the court, all issues raised by the guardian ad litem were settled on the record in open court.

The guardian ad litem sought and received authorization to consent to the settlement, the terms of which, inter alia, are as follows: (1) the depository is to deposit $10,000 into the infant's guardianship account and pay the reasonable compensation of the guardian ad litem in a sum not to exceed $2,000; (2) the infant's mother, whose letters of guardianship were suspended by decision and order of this court dated November 14, 2011, is to pay $2,000 to the depository in monthly payments of $200 commencing on February 1, 2013; (3) the suspension of her letters of guardianship is to be lifted; and, (4) in the event the mother fails to pay the stipulated amount, the depository may have a judgment against her for $12,000, less any payments she made pursuant to the stipulation.

Settle decree incorporating the terms of the parties' stipulation.

Proceed accordingly.

December 26, 2012