ESTATE OF ELVIRA TRAMONTANO, A/K/A ELVIRA M. TRAMONTANO, A/K/A ELVIRA CUCCURESE, Deceased (1049/11) — Preliminary Letters Testamentary were issued on December 2, 2011 and extended until November 21, 2012. They have thus expired. The preliminary executor now seeks an extension. The application is granted nunc pro tunc from November 21, 2012. The Preliminary Letters Testamentary are extended for six (6) months from November 21, 2012 until May 21, 2012.

This Court dispenses with the filing of a bond.

These letters are subject to the limitations set forth in SCPA 1412(3) (a).

No distribution of assets is permitted pending the further Order of this Court or until the admission of the Will to probate, and the issuance of Letters Testamentary.

Pursuant to SCPA 1412(3)(b), the preliminary executor shall give notice to all parties who have appeared herein within ten (10) days of her appointment.

This decision shall constitute the Order of the Court.

November 27, 2012