ESTATE OF SYLVIA GOLUB, Deceased (2009-505/B) — In this heavily contested matter, J. David Golub once again moves this Court for declaratory relief seeking (1) to vacate this Court's March 19, 2012 partition Order, (2) to remove his brother, the Respondent, Norman Golub, as administrator, and (3) to appoint the Movant as the administrator for final marshaling and accounting of the estate of Sylvia Golub. The Respondent has submitted an affidavit in opposition to the relief requested by the Movant denying all allegations of wrongdoing.

The Movant's requested relief has been previously sought in numerous other proceedings and has been repeatedly denied by this Court. The Movant is once again attempting to delay the conclusion of this estate by filing unnecessary and repetitive motions on issues already determined by the Court.

Both parties having waived oral argument on the motion, and this Court having considered all of the papers heretofore submitted herein, both in support of and in opposition to the motion, J. David Golub's motion is denied in its entirety.

Additionally, as has been done previously, this Court directs the Clerk's office not to accept any further applications made by J. David Golub without prior approval from the Surrogate. The constant submission of frivolous paperwork submitted to this Court by the Movant is not only a waste of estate assets, but also a waste of valuable court resources.

This decision shall constitute the Order of the Court.

November 21, 2012