• Appellate Term, First Department
  • 570146/11
  • Before: Shulman, J.P., Hunter, Jr., Torres, JJ.


Cite as: 4848 Broadway Investor LLC v. Santana, 570146/11, NYLJ 1202581219643, at *1 (App. Tm., 1st, Decided September 7, 2011)

Before: Shulman, J.P., Hunter, Jr., Torres, JJ.

Decided: September 7, 2011




Respondent Jose Marte appeals from a final judgment of the Civil Court of the City of New York, New York County (Arlene H. Hahn, J.), entered July 29, 2010, upon a prior order which granted petitioner's motion for summary judgment on the possessory aspect of the holdover petition.


Final judgment (Arlene H. Hahn, J.), entered July 29, 2010, reversed, with $25 costs, petitioner's motion for summary judgment denied, and the matter remanded for further proceedings.




This licensee holdover proceeding is not ripe for summary disposition, since the record so far developed raises several material triable issues. For instance, it cannot presently be determined whether appellant, who appears to have long-term occupancy ties to the stabilized Manhattan apartment here at issue, timely asserted a succession claim at or about the time his sister, the original record tenant, permanently vacated the premises and, if so, whether appellant qualifies as a "first successor" (co-)tenant of his sister's tenancy entitled to a renewal lease in his own name (see Rent Stabilization Code [9 NYCRR] §2522.8[b]; see generally Matter of MH Residential I, LLC v. Keh, DHCR Admin. Review Docket No. VE 410038-R [Jan. 4, 2008]). Nor, on this record, was it conclusively shown that appellant waived his succession claim by any alleged inaction following his sister's vacatur and during the period of joint residency with his nephew, the person initially recognized by petitioner as the first successor.


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