ESTATE OF JOAQUIN CUPELES CINTRON, ALSO KNOWN AS JOAQUIN CIFUELOS, Deceased — In this proceeding to judicially settle the account of the Public Administrator, a kinship hearing was held before a member of the court's Law Department designated to hear and report, upon the consent of all parties. More than 10 days have elapsed since the mailing of the referee's report, and no party has moved to modify or overrule the report.

After review by the court, the findings of fact and conclusions of law set forth in the report are confirmed, including that the decedent was survived by his spouse, Maria Lao Velez Lugo, and six children: Ismael Cupeles, Nelson Cupeles, Joaquin Cupeles, Rafael Cupeles, Carmen Teresa Cupeles, and Olga Iris Cupeles. The estate is to be distributed pursuant to the provisions of EPTL 4-1.1 (a) (1)

The Public Administrator shall update her account and settle a decree in accordance herewith.

October 22, 2012