2006-0238/C ESTATE OF FRANCES HERSHMAN, Deceased — At the call of the calendar, the court ruled on the petition of Danielle Hershman to have the court hold Norman Bensley, administrator of the estate of Frances Hershman, in contempt of the December 29, 2011 discovery order issued in the proceeding to settle his account, which covers the period from March 27, 2007 to May 24, 2010. The court granted the petition to the extent of holding the administrator in contempt for his failure to represent explicitly that he had not entered into a retainer agreement with an attorney or an accountant other than Zapken & Loeb, LLP, during the period of the account.

The court held that the administrator may purge himself of such contempt by producing, by November 2, 2012, every retainer agreement executed during the relevant period (other than the retainer agreement with Zapken & Loeb, LLP, signed by the administrator on August 6, 2009, which the administrator already has produced) or else an affidavit to the effect that the administrator did not retain any attorney or accountant other than Zapken & Loeb, LLP, during the relevant period.

This decision, with a transcript of the October 23, 2012 proceedings, constitutes the order of the court.

November 8, 2012.