• U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • 12-4131-bk
  • Before: Sack, B.D. Parker, and Raggi, C.JJ.
  • For Plaintiff: For Debtor-Appellant: Kathleen G. Cully, Kathleen G. Cully PLLC, New York, NY, on the brief, Ronald J. Mann, New York, NY.
  • For Defendant: For Trustee-Appellee: John P. Campo, Eric L. Unis, on the brief, J. David Dantzler, JR., Troutman Sanders LLP, New York, NY. For Amicus Curiae New York City Bankruptcy Assistance Project, supporting Debtor-Appellant: Ira L. Herman, Thompson & Knight LLP, New York, NY. For Amicus Curiae MFY Legal Services, Inc., supporting Debtor-Appellant: Carolyn E. Coffey of counsel to Jeanette Zelhof, MFY Legal Services, Inc., New York, NY.
Circuit Certifies Questions on Lease Value in Bankruptcy