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Pride and Joy BBQ LLC v. NY Suthon, LLC

November 26, 2014

Court Rules Tenant Does Not Need Nor Qualify For 'Yellowstone' Injunction

Federal Court Decisions

  • Michael J. Noble, Petitioner v. US Foods, Inc., Respondent, 14-cv-7743

    Illinois Court Should Decide Where to Hear Motions to Vacate, Confirm Arbitral Award

  • Cory et al., Plaintiffs v. eBet Limited et al., Defendants, 13CV04702

    Third-Party Beneficiary Status Pleaded; Breach Claims Premised on Reimbursement Dismissed

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State Court Decisions

  • Pride and Joy BBQ LLC a/k/a Pride and Joy BBQ, LLC Plaintiff v. NY Suthon, LLC, et al., Defendants, 151170/2014

    Court Rules Tenant Does Not Need Nor Qualify For 'Yellowstone' Injunction

  • Linda Schutzer Collins, and Michael Nuzzi, Derivatively on behalf of Fairway Group Holdings Corp., Plaintiffs v. Charles W. Santoro, Michael Barr, Howard Glickberg, Stephen L. Key, William Selden, and Farid Suleman, Defendants -and- Fairway Group Holdings Corp., Nominal Defendant, 154140/2014

    Defendants Granted Dismissal of Derivative Action Pursuant to Forum Selection Clause

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Decisions in the News

  • Barbara Tidball, Respondent v. Schenectady City School District, Appellant, 518423

    Panel Allows Suit Against Upstate District to Proceed

  • The People &c., Appellant v. Dwight R. DeLee, Respondent, No. 189

    Hate Crime Slaying Conviction Upset for Inconsistency

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Attorney Disciplinary Rulings

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