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Matter of Jugobanka

November 25, 2014

Hearing Required to Determine Company's Priority Claim on Judgment Against Jugobanka

Federal Court Decisions

  • Brian G. McNamee, Plaintiff v. Roger Clemens, Defendant, 09 CV 1647

    Bulk of 'Davis Polk Documents' Improperly Withheld Under Attorney-Client Privilege

  • Good Luck Product Co., Ltd., Plaintiff v. Crystal Cove Seafood Corp., Defendant, 14-CV-1727

    Court Explains Partial Dismissal of Claims In Breach Case by Exporter of Frozen Shrimp

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State Court Decisions

  • CF Notes, LLC, Plaintiff v. Irvin Goldman, Defendant, 159670/13

  • J. Leung Acupuncture, P.C. a/a/o Kim Graville, Plaintiff v. Dairyland Insurance Company, Defendant, 703233/13

    Insurer Granted Dismissal of No-Fault Claim; Policy Void Ab Initio for Fraud

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Decisions in the News

  • The People of the State of New York, Plaintiff v. James J. Hennessey, Defendant, 25-3587

    'Golb' Ruling Leads Judge to Dismiss Case Against Lawyer

  • Regina Farage, Appellant v. Lance Ehrenberg, etc., Respondent, 7325/11

    Attorney-Client Ties Ruled by Facts, Not Form, Panel Finds

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Attorney Disciplinary Rulings

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