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Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

An Interview How-To for Introverts

By Julie Brush |

Some people naturally exude enthusiasm. But for those who are hard-wired differently, creating such a persona is exceptionally difficult, if not impossible. This constituency is often tagged with "lacking enthusiasm" in interviews simply because of their inherent demeanor. So what's a reserved professional to do?

Should Professional Women Support Each Other Unconditionally?

A reader asks: I am a fierce women's advocate. But sometimes I feel pressure to support women who don't meet my standards of competence or behavior. How do I manage this—or should my support be unconditional?

Arthur J. Ciampi

Summer Is Over—Now It's Time for Vacation

By Arthur J. Ciampi |

Law Firm Partnership Law columnist Arthur J. Ciampi writes: As we all mourn the official end of summer, it may seem like an inopportune time to speak about vacations, which for many, in September, seem to be light-years away. But despite what may seem like bad timing, it is submitted that September is a very good time to examine how law firms treat vacations and sabbaticals even if only to rekindle the giddy hope of future time away from work.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

Should You Include a Short Job Stint on Your Resume?

By Julie Brush |



In New York's Start-Up Sector, Lawyers' Opportunities Abound

By Ross Weil and Taylor Miller |

Wall Street and Fortune 500 clients drive corporate business for most New York law firms, a completely understandable position given the city's status as the world's leading financial center.

Lauren M. Weinstein

Lessons I've Learned as a Young Woman Lawyer

By Lauren M. Weinstein |

Lauren Weinstein of MoloLamken writes: We're taught in law school to advocate—for our clients, for justice, for what's right. We shouldn't forget to use our talents to help ourselves, and the women who will come after us, too.