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Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

No Reason to Wait on Job Search

By Julie Q. Brush |

You may panic if you're told your job is being eliminated in several months, but stay calm and kick your search into gear. You have some breathing room, don't waste it.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

Addressing Large Employment Gaps on Your Resume

By Julie Brush |

Taking time off from practicing law or choosing an alternative role is no longer a career death wish. But when it's time to come back, you should address the gap from the outset so that employers don't have the chance to make assumptions.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

The Perfect Thank You Note

By Julie Q. Brush |

Sending a thank you note is a must after every meaningful professional encounter. And what may seem like a quick and easy afterthought, the content of the thank you—what you say or don't say—can play a bigger role than you think.

Lawyers Are Interesting People, Too

By Anand Agneshwar |

Ranked somewhere between accountants and engineers on the "fascinating" scale, we are just not the folks people gravitate toward at cocktail parties.

Big Law Rainmakers Spill Their Secrets

By The American Lawyer Staff |

What's the secret to developing great client relationships? We asked the rainmakers. They told us it takes building your brand, fostering teamwork, understanding your clients, and yes, great lawyering.

How to Get Addiction Treatment Without Killing Your Legal Career

By Patrick R. Krill |

I have a colleague who should really take some time off and get well, but she is unwilling to step away from her practice out of fear of losing any part of what she has built.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

How Long to Stay in an In-House Job Depends on Your Career Goals

By By Julie Q. Brush |

There is not necessarily a "wrong" length of time eithe, but for the non-GC in-house lawyer, leaving too soon or staying too long as measured by today's legal employment market can create obstacles from a career marketability perspective.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

Are Lawyers With Foreign Law Degrees at a Disadvantage in the U.S. Market?

By Julie Brush |

U.S. trained lawyers still dominate the legal landscape and competition is fierce. But the environment is now a bit kinder for diverse profiles.

The 'Functioning' Alcoholic Lawyer: Where's the Harm?

By Patrick Krill |

It's a term we deploy in the face of nagging doubt.

Julie Q. Brush, Solutus Legal Search .

How to Get Off to a Good Start With Your New Boss

By Julie Brush |

When a new sheriff comes to town, it creates an air of mystery as well as anxiety among the town’s inhabitants. Who is this person? What kind of manager is this person? What is s/he like? Will I like my new boss? Will s/he like me? What will I need to do to succeed?