Tribe's Corporate Entity Not Immune From Suit, Court Says

A divided state Court of Appeals said that it could find no basis in federal or state law to support the argument that a corporate entity of an American tribe, in this case a subsidiary the Seneca Nation of Indians created to build a golf course at its western New York casino, is protected from suit by its nation's sovereign immunity.

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  • United States of America, Appellant v. Valentino Anderson, Appellee-Defendant, 13-4152-cr

    Suppression Ruling in Drug Case Reversed, Police Behavior Toward Wife Does Not Support Due Process Claim of Husband

  • Sue/Perior Concrete & Paving, Inc., Respondent v. Lewiston Golf Course Corporation, Appellant, et al., Defendants, No. 196

    Tribe's Corporate Entity Not Protected From Suit by Sovereign Immunity

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